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Web analysis

Get to know your visitors! From the selection of a web analysis tool, to the implementation, to the reporting of the data. As an agency, we accompany you in every phase of web analysis and increase the success of your website or app with proactive consulting.


Conversion optimization

Increase your conversion rate! With A/B tests and multivariate tests, we advise you on the continuous optimisation of landing pages, order processes and forms with regard to usability and user experience and thus maximise your CRO success.


Tag Management

Do you want to easily organise and control the tags of your analysis, conversion optimisation and marketing tools?
And you also want to be independent of your IT when managing your tags? independent of your IT?


Data integration

Capturing your data landscape Do you know how many tools you have in use and what data you can generate from them?


data driven marketing

Personalization Every user deserves their own content - give them what they need. Use accumulated experience and target users based on their behavior.

Our certifications

converlytics is a Webtrekk Premium Partner and has been Webtrekk certified since 2011. All converlytics consultants are also trained and certified in common web analysis and conversion optimisation tools as well as online marketing tools. and certified.




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Matomo ist eines der wichtigsten Web Analyse-Tools und eine beliebte Alternative zu Google Analytics. Bis Januar 2018 hieß Matomo Piwik. Der große Vorteil von Matomo ist, dass Sie es selbst hosten können….


Signifikanz ist eine mathematische Größe, die ein Urteil darüber ermöglicht, ob ein gemessener Zusammenhang zufällig oder aussagekräftig ist. Es geht dabei um den Zusammenhang zwischen verschiedenen Variablen einer Stichprobe und um die…

Cookieless Tracking im Jahre 2021

Alle Welt redet von Cookies und Datenschutz, schauen wir uns also auch im aktuellen Jahr die Möglichkeiten für cookieless Tracking einmal genauer an. Cookieless Tracking, das bedeutet, dass das Tracking ohne Cookies…