Consent management

We have the optimal solution for your consent management. The C.A.T. is a comprehensively optimized consent management tool, with which you can make your websites ePrivacy- and GDPR-compliant, while maintaining a high approval rating to your tracking and marketing systems. Consent Management is easy to implement in your websites, fully customizable to your design and takes into account all your integrations.

Key features consent management provider (CMP)

With the consent manager C.A.T. from converlytics you can organise the consent of your users in the best possible way - the following services are included in the consent manager

✔ Easy integration and professional support

The integration of the consent manager into your website and your tag management system is very simple. Our experts coordinate the implementation with you or take care of it completely for you. We will also find a solution for special requirements of your consent management Tool. And you benefit from efficient consent management, uncompromising compatibility and ease of use.

✔ Seamless adoption of your website design

The design of our consent manager fits seamlessly into your website design. The C.A.T. is flexibly customizable and can be designed in any way in your branding. Of course, everything is responsive as well. And you benefit from optimal user trust and therefore optimal approval rates.

Optimized for high approval rates

Our consent management tool is designed based on our years of agency experience in conversion optimization. It takes into account the entire wealth of best practice for the best possible opt-in rates. And you benefit from the greatest possible acceptance for your marketing activities and optimal data quality of your tracking tools.

✔ Legal certainty and up-to-dateness

With our Consent Management solution, you are also on the safe side with DSGVO and ePrivacy. Together with your legal department, we optimally and individually tailor the functionality of our consent management tool to your requirements. The implementation is always based on the latest legal framework and the professional assessment of our experts. Protect your users' data with the Consent Manager and generate trust. And you benefit from legally compliant consent management that protects you from lawsuits. And so you can concentrate fully on your online success.

Interested in a modern CMP?

You want to use the C.A.T. as your comprehensive consent management solution - contact us

The consent management tool from converlytics (C.A.T.) is the solution for you if you are aiming for high performance, optimum approval rates and legally compliant management of your user consent.


Design of the consent manager

Here you can see an exemplary design for the consent management tool

Home screen of the consent manager

The home screen of the consent manager contains all relevant information and fits into the design of your website. We can meet individual requirements for the appearance and content design at any time.


Settings in the consent manager

In the settings of the consent manager, all necessary and useful setting options can be offered. The possibility to select individual groups or even directly individual tools and systems can be provided specifically according to requirements.


CMP, cookie consent, opt-in... what is that anyway?

To help you find your way through the jungle of terms surrounding consent management


CMP is the abbreviation for consent management provider. Sometimes this is also called consent management platform. The abbreviation remains the same. It is the tool that you can use on your sites to manage the consent. In short, the CMP is the consent management tool.


C.A.T. is the consent management tool from converlytics. The abbreviation stands for consent agreement tool (originally cookie agreement tool).

Opt-in and opt-out

Opt-in is the active consent to certain tracking and marketing measures. Opt-out, on the other hand, is the user's active rejection of these measurements and displays. The consent manager manages and documents these opt-ins and opt-outs. We would be happy to clarify with you which preselections may and should be made in a consent management tool.

Cookie banner

The cookie banner was, so to speak, the predecessor of the consent management provider (CMP). It only gave a hint about possibly set cookies and was not yet a tool that allowed a management of the consent. The use of a mere cookie banner is now obsolete, especially since the management of consent is not only about the mere setting of cookies.

Legitimate interest

With a so-called legitimate interest, certain tracking tools can also be used without consent management under certain circumstances. We will be happy to clarify with you which tracking tools and other technical solutions are suitable for you.

Legal background and current situation for the CMP

The requirements for a consent management tool are determined by changing legal framework conditions - this is how you keep the overview

In the times of ePrivacy, GDPR and cookieless tracking, the technical and legal requirements for your consent management are changing rapidly. With C.A.T., we react immediately to new conditions. At the same time, we always keep an eye on your online performance.

More about consent management

You can find our articles on consent managers and cookieless tracking here

An assessment of new developments in cookieless tracking - i.e. tracking without cookies - can be found at in unserem Artikel über cookieless Tracking read. Under certain circumstances, you can do without a consent management tool by using such technologies. Feel free to contact us, then we can answer such questions personally and individually.