Conversion optimization

We are your agency for conversion optimization. In numerous successful customer projects, we have significantly and consistently improved the conversion rate. We have agency experience with the most diverse conversion optimization tools and find a solution for every simple and every specialized requirement.

Increase the conversion rate of websites and apps

As an agency, we accompany you in all areas of A/B testing, which is an important component of conversion optimization

A/B testing

Continuous, A/B test-based conversion optimization improves your landing pages, forms and processes to increase the conversion rate. converlytics creates a concept adapted to the requirements of your company and gives you a manufacturer-independent recommendation as to which test system and which adjustments are the right ones for your company. We also take care of the conception of the optimization proposal, its implementation and the necessary configuration of the A/B test tool. The monitoring of the tests is also part of our offer. We continuously prepare the current test results for you and provide recommendations for action.


CRO process support

From the analysis to the A/B test result, we repeatedly run through the cycle to a significant increase in your conversions. We support you in this complex process with proven tools and many years of agency experience. Because conversion optimization is the central element to achieve your goals.

Requirement/potential analysis

  • Requirement analyses as the cornerstone of all optimization
  • Potential analyses find starting points for sustainable optimization
  • Efficient test scenarios are developed with great ideas
  • More detailed analyses such as a landing page analysis serve as a guide for the optimization strategy

A/B test/multivariate test strategy

  • Tool selection and setup with stakeholder training
  • Consideration of results from previous A/B and multivariate tests
  • Documentation and processing of learnings also from non-significant A/B and multivariate tests
  • Data-driven control instead of "trial and error

UX Optimizations

Even more can be achieved through targeted optimization in the area of UX:

  • eye tracking
  • Heatmap
  • Click map
  • Browser resolution analysis


KPIs are continuously documented and evaluated to ensure that the defined goals are achieved at all times:

  • Development of KPI sets
  • Visualization of the history
  • Inclusion of influencing factors

Continuous assessment

Different measures such as affiliate programs are continuously evaluated:

  • Evaluation of the conversion rate development of individual measures
  • Comparison between the tools used
  • Optimization of budget distribution

Conversion optimization in six steps

Our approach is based on a proven process

  • Step 1

    Potential analysis

    Identification of relevant potentials as drivers for conversion increase

  • Step 2

    Thesis generation

    Formulation of viable test hypotheses on the basis of the potential analysis

  • Step 3


    Design of the test hypothesis as an A/B test or as a multivariate test

  • Step 4


    Technical implementation of the concept in the A/B test tool

  • Step 5


    Continuous monitoring of data and preparation of interim results

  • Step 6

    Evaluation/recommendation for action

    Evaluation of the final result and derivation of recommendations for action

Levers for conversion rate optimization

As an agency, we implement the findings from the testing with you and thereby achieve significantly higher conversion rates.

Landing page optimization

We take over the comprehensive landing page analysis and optimization for you, in order to lead the visitors of your website efficiently to the target. Detailed landing page analyses provide comprehensive information about visitor behaviour. Data from web analysis is used and interpreted - as a basis for strategy development and conversion optimization. We use proven, objective analysis methods: Automatic eye tracking, click maps, A/B tests, among others.

Process and usability optimization

Through an optimal design of the individual pages and the successive improvement of the individual process steps, for example in the sales funnel, we keep your abandonment rates low and lead a large proportion of your visitors safely to your conversion goals.

With converlytics to greater online success

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