data driven marketing

data driven marketing is the method of using meaningful data to play out targeted campaigns. Data driven marketing evaluates the data from the tracking systems in order to strategically determine the target group of your campaigns in order to achieve optimally personalized and targeted content. As an agency for data driven marketing, we are at your side with sound know-how.


The central element of data driven marketing is the personalization of campaigns.

Every user deserves their own content - give them what they need. Use accumulated experience and target users based on their behavior.

The basis of personalization is a valid database and an implementation that adapts to your business requirements. We accompany you through the entire process so that you can benefit from the advantages of Data Driven Marketing. a success factor

If you rely on data driven marketing, it will directly translate into your online success.


Higher purchase motivation


Higher shopping cart values


Greater customer satisfaction

Collaboration personalization

We work together with the leading providers in the field of personalization


Data-Driven Marketing Optimizely

converlytics marketing automation

Optimize data-driven marketing with intelligent campaigns and manage your inbound marketing activities centrally. Use already collected data to address users in a concrete and convincing way. As an agency for data-driven marketing, we develop strategies with you to increase the success of internal campaigns via marketing automation.

Effective campaigns

Optimized workflows

Turning users into customers

Collaboration marketing automation

In data driven marketing, we work with the leading providers in the field of marketing automation.

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Data-Driven Marketing Marketo

Data Driven Marketing Hubspot

Customer journey analyses

In data driven marketing, you analyze the customer journey of your users. From this, you derive directly which campaign is the right one for which user.

Get the 360° customer view and learn what really makes your customers tick. Because knowing how visitors use your offer is a key to effective marketing.

With the right data basis, you learn more about potential buyers and reach them in a targeted manner. We at converlytics prepare the basis for customer journey analyses. In this way, you receive meaningful insights about your customers through data-driven marketing.

Understand users

With data driven marketing, you gain insights into your users that you can use to target and personalize your campaigns.


Touchpoint analyses

Which channels do users use to get to you?


Campaign setting

Pick up the user at the right place at the right time. Do your campaigns mesh and serve the user's need at the respective stage?


Potential evaluation

Our SCP analysis shows you the marketing channels that are most effective with users.

Benefit from our 3-phase analysis

For data driven marketing, we as an agency rely on a proven process.

  • Phase 1


    Which channels are responsible for the initial contact?

  • Phase 2


    Through which channels does the re-entry take place and which ones ensure that products are added to the shopping cart or the purchase is cancelled?

  • Phase 3


    What channels and actions turned the user into a buyer?

Attribution modeling

Allocate your marketing budget more efficiently through Data Driven Marketing. Many channels help to persuade the user to buy. Only with a good attribution model can you distribute your budget in such a way that the successful marketing channels benefit. Using a solid data basis, we generate a model with which you achieve a positive ROI.


Weight touchpoints


Efficient design of online & offline marketing


Optimize budget distribution