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Google Analytics consulting & installation

As an analytics agency, we accompany you in setting up and evaluating analyses in Google Analytics. Through strategic consulting and sound know-how, you gain more knowledge about the behavior on your website. For more than 9 years, we have been assisting our customers with the integration of the tool and analyse user behaviour as well as marketing measures and derive recommendations for action. Google Analytics offers an easy entry into web analysis - get started now!


Google Analytics Standard

Google Analytics offers basic tracking of your website in the standard version. With it, you capture marketing channels, data on users, their behavior and e-commerce deals - all free of charge.

Here are the pros and cons:

Free of charge

Basic metrics

Own reportings

Limited adaptability

No customer journey integrations

No raw data

No major data exports

Google Analytics 360

With Google Analytics 360, you capture deeper insights of your users in addition to the basic metrics. The expanded product range gives you the opportunity to comprehensively consolidate your marketing, gain far-reaching insights and incorporate them into marketing activities.

Advanced customizability

360° customer journey view

Marketing data merge

Data exports & imports

Personal support

Annual costs

Certified consulting

GA Certificates-Google Analytics

Google Analytics certified consultants

All converlytics consultants are certified in Google Analytics. We are happy to assist you with the conception and integration.

GA Certificate Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager certified

In order to use Google Analytics efficiently, our consultants are also certified in systems such as the Google Tag Manager. We advise you technically and strategically in dealing with the Tag Manager and also set it up for you.

GA Certificates-Google-Ads-Adwords

Google AdWords certified

In order to incorporate other systems, you have to understand them. Therefore, we are certified in Google AdWords. We not only set up further interfaces to other Google products for you, but also provide you with evaluation support.

Data protection compliant integration

Avoid warnings when integrating Google Analytics and comply with EU data protection requirements. We already ensure in the conception phase that your website records user behaviour in a data protection-compliant manner.


Each user must have the option to opt out of data collection. The opt-out procedure ensures that users can exclude themselves from measurement within their browser.

Cross-browser and cross-device opt-out: Since users access your website from different devices, we implement solutions that will convince any data privacy advocate.

Read more here: Opt-out via Tag Manager

IP anonymization

IP addresses are personal data and must not be collected, just like other personal data. In Google Analytics, there are several ways to exclude them from measurement. Depending on your systems, we will set up the appropriate solution.

Read more here: Privacy with Google Analytics

Privacy Shield - ADV

Google Analytics Standard is free of charge and can be integrated without consulting the provider. It is often forgotten that a contract for commissioned data processing must also be concluded here.

Read more about it here: Google Analytics & Privacy Shield Requirements

Functional possibilities of Google Analytics


Enhanced E-Commerce

Conversion rate, sales, closing processes - Get insights into the behaviour in your online shop with Google Analytics.

Which products were seen?

Which products have users engaged with?

Which products were purchased?

Which products are often cancelled?


Google Remarketing

Optimize your ROI and turn users into buyers. Discover how to best retarget users of your online store with remarketing opportunities and behavioral data from Google Analytics.

What are users interested in?

How should a banner be designed?

Where should the user be addressed again?


Google Analytics 360

The right hand knows what the left hand is doing. With Google's 360 Suite, you get a comprehensive library to improve your online store and marketing, engage users with relevant content, and accelerate your online growth.

How do I get to know my online customers?

To which marketing measures do users react strongly?

Which customization increases the conversion rate?


Oflline data integration

Recognize ROPO effects. Informed offline, bought online - this is what typical user behavior can look like nowadays. Unite both worlds and use the knowledge for satisfied customers.

How do online customers behave offline?

When does the TV campaign contribute to conversion?

Do posters increase user engagement?