Tag management with Tealium iQ

Tealium iQ certified agency wanted?

converlytics is a Tealium partner and already works successfully with the tag management solution Tealium iQ for its customers. Currently, three of our consultants are officially certified Tealium Certified Professional. We accompany you with our professional expertise.

Tealium iQ certifications

We are trained in both the strategic and technical implementation of Tealium iQ. Benefit from our agency experience.

Selection of Tealium references

We have already implemented numerous successful Tealium projects for our customers. Start your first project, we will be happy to support you!

Trust the industry-leading tag management solution with Tealium iQ

The Tealium iQ tag management system gives you complete control over your marketing technology implementation. The user-friendly interface allows you to provision new vendor tags as well as make changes to existing tags easily and quickly.

Complex tagging, provisioning and management of vendor tags are a major challenge for companies. Last but not least, speed, efficiency, independence from development resources and lowest possible costs play a major role in the deployment of key marketing technologies. Tealium iQ improves the dynamics of marketing and development, lets marketing initiatives be implemented directly and accelerates the performance of websites through simple point-and-click.

Some advantages of Tealium iQ

The leading network with the fastest tag deployment - Tealium ensures continuous high performance using its global multi-CDN architecture and intelligent vendor management. As a result, tags are delivered faster than any other tag management solution. Tealium iQ is the optimal choice for enterprises with complex requirements and high traffic.

Largest integration environment

Tealium iQ offers the industry's largest integration environment with over 50 extensions, over 1,000 complete integrations, and cloud or browser-based deployment.

Tag management

A trusted, fast and scalable tag management solution.

Data protection

Robust privacy features enable clear and effective data collection policies. An added bonus is the ability to monitor data collection from all marketing vendors and also support "Do Not Track features" regardless of vendor.


Full control across all levels - properties can be inherited across site profiles. Individual users can be assigned different permissions for important functions. Multiple environments can be set up to run tests before the tagging changes are pushed to the live website.