URL builder Google Analytics campaign URLs

Generate URL for Google UTM parameters

The URL builder automatically creates target URLs with custom Google Analytics campaign parameters based on your input, which you can use directly as target URLs for your ads.


Target URL of the campaign you want to add campaign parameters to.


Campaign sources can be search engines, social networks or similar. Usage example: utm_source=facebook


Campaign media include cost-per-click (CPC), emails, or banners. Usage example: utm_medium=banner


The campaign name is the exact name of a campaign. Example of use: utm_campaign=consulting-coupon-code-10122013


Keywords of the ad. Example of use: utm_term=web+analysis+consulting


Distinguish between different links with the same target. Example of use: utm_content=linkimage and utm_content=linkunterdembild

URL builder

* Mandatory field
Generated target URL (copyable):

URL builder information

Please remember that if you want to use the result URL with tracking parameters as the target URL in your ad server, you may need to URL-encode the entire URL again.

Also, please remember to append the anchor part (starts with #) of your URL only after all parameters, otherwise the parameters with the anchor part will be truncated.