Web analytics

converlytics is the web analytics agency, which helps you to increase your online success. Web analytics is the basis of conversion optimization and personalization. With our agency expertise, you benefit from valid data and meaningful reporting.

Control and insights through great reporting

To get the most out of your web analytics data, we set up meaningful reportings for you. This creates efficient KPI dashboards and clear visualizations specifically geared to the target group.

Great reporting is based on a well thought-out web analytics concept. We go through the 4 essential steps with you to turn your data into knowledge about user behavior.

Analytics check-up

Our comprehensive analytics check-up provides information about the current integration of your web analytics tool and hints at previously unused analysis and tracking potential as well as optimization possibilities of the tool integration.

Solution design

The Analytics Concept. Clearly defined requirements and a well-designed web analytics system lay the foundation for conversion optimization. In the analytics check-up, converlytics analyses and defines your business goals and their mapping in your digital business world with you.

Pixel installation & support

When integrating the web analytics tool, we are happy to support you remotely by means of extensive validation and auditing mechanisms or personally by means of pair programming.

Reporting & Analysis

Get meaningful figures of your marketing activities. We create the reports that you can use to manage your business. The converlytics business report set in particular has proven itself with numerous of our customers.

Your business report set

Done! Once the web analytics tool has been successfully integrated into your websites, data starts flowing in that needs to be utilized. To get the most out of your tool, we create clear and meaningful reports and dashboards of your KPIs. The converlytics business report set contains insightful analyses summarised in 5 reports:


Management Report


Marketing Report


Content Report


E-Commerce Report


Technology Report


Individual Report

converlytics supports you in the selection of tools

You don't have a web analytics tool on your website yet or would like to change tools?
We will be happy to advise you on which tool can best meet your requirements. Step by step we accompany you from the analysis of your requirements to the functional and technical conceptual design and integration of the web analysis tool on your pages.

converlytics works as a vendor-independent agency and can thus offer its customers the optimal web analytics system and conversion optimization model entirely according to the respective company-specific requirements. All converlytics consultants are trained and certified in common web analytics and conversion optimization tools as well as marketing tools.

Mapp (formerly: Webtrekk)

Mapp (formerly Webtrekk) is a global digital intelligence provider. Founded in 2004, Mapp/Webtrekk offers data-based solutions for the optimization of digital business models. The Digital Intelligence Suite includes innovative analytics products as well as tools for testing and personalizing websites. Mapp Intelligence turns data into visible optimization results through the use of personalized, automated marketing campaigns and recommendations. converlytics is a premium partner and has been certified since 2011. Since March 2016, we as an agency have the new Master certification. Our consultants are trained in the use of Mapp.


Google Analytics

All consultants of our agency are experienced in web analytics with Google Analytics and have a current certification. Google Analytics is the free alternative for analyzing your websites. The service of the US company Google Inc. examines, among other things, the origin of visitors, their duration on individual pages as well as the use of search engines and thus allows a better control of the success of advertising campaigns.


Matomo (formerly: Piwik)

Matomo (formerly Piwik) is also a free web analytics system. Compared to Google Analytics, it offers the advantage that you don't have to give your web analytics data to a company outside the EU. Instead, it hosts the data itself. Especially for less complex implementations, Matomo can be a real alternative to Mapp/Webtrekk and Google Analytics.


Other web analytics tools

As a web analytics agency we also work with a few other tools

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