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Webtrekk becomes Mapp Analytics

Since June 2019, Webtrekk already belongs to Mapp. Since the end of January 2020, Webtrekk Analytics will continue to operate entirely under the name Mapp Intelligence. It is a central element of the Mapp Cloud and will be further developed and positioned internationally. The extensive functionality of one of the market-leading web analytics tools will be retained.

Web analytics with Mapp (formerly Webtrekk)

Umfassende Analyse- und Reportingfunktionen zusammen mit unserer langjährigen Erfahrung als Mapp-Agentur geben Ihnen die optimalen Insights.

With Mapp (formerly Webtrekk) you choose a reliable premium tool from Germany. Thanks to our many years of experience with Mapp and Webtrekk, we can assist you as a certified Mapp Premium Partner with all web analytics and conversion optimization topics. Mapp Analytics offers comprehensive filter and analysis functions and is suitable for all website types. Raw data is presented in clear and descriptive reports, giving you a quick overview of the most important KPIs. In addition, Mapp allows you to optimize digital marketing campaigns.

Some Mapp Analytics features:

Extensive analysis functions, especially for processing a large volume of raw data

Retrospective calculations based on segments and target groups

Overlay and heatmap

Customer journey analyses

Mapping of processes

Conversion optimization with Mapp (formerly Webtrekk)

With your web analytics data obtained from Webtrekk, you can take the most efficient path to continuous conversion optimization.

Through numerous customer projects, data-driven conversion optimisation with Webtrekk is successfully operated by us based on many years of experience. The key figures obtained from Webtrekk can be used in a variety of ways to achieve your goals.

In particular, are part of our conversion optimization with Webtrekk:

A/B testing with Webtrekk and monitoring other A/B testing tools with Webtrekk

Conversion optimization cycle in six steps

Landing page optimization

Process and usability optimization

Marketing automation with Mapp (formerly Webtrekk)

Use Mapp (formerly Webtrekk) to target your website visitors and thus significantly improve your conversion rate.

With Mapp's marketing automation, you can address your visitors directly with the content that is relevant to you. The basis for the targeted control of content and marketing actions is the comprehensive data from the Mapp surveys.

In detail, the following functions, among others, are available in the Mapp Marketing Automation:

Real-time advertising

Recommendations and personalized content

Remarketing via e-mail

Exit intent layer

Webtrekk and data protection

Benefit from strict compliance with German data protection guidelines when using Webtrekk.

Webtrekk has been awarded the TÜV certificate "Tested Data Protection" and complies with the EU data protection guidelines. All data servers are located in Germany and the data centers are ISO-certified.

As a Webtrekk user, you benefit from the highest data protection standards:

Strict compliance with data protection regulations in relation to the processing of data

Shortening of IP addresses to anonymize the individual user

With an opt-out or opt-in, website users can opt-out or opt-in of cookie tracking.

Data will not be passed on to third parties

Many companies already work with us

Wir konnten bereits zahlreiche erfolgreiche Projekte in den Bereichen Web Analyse, Conversion Optimierung und Data Driven Marketing für unsere Kunden umsetzen. Starten auch Sie Ihr erstes Projekt, wir unterstützen Sie gern als Ihre Mapp-Agentur!